Colored Armpits

Colored Armpits
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… In other places, Time is money And pay is time; this he knew, For the concept of time To an African Is a mystery, Making order A time jumble. -James Kityo Ssemmanda Native Ugandan James Kityo Ssemmanda is all too familiar with the fragility of humanity. In his debut collection of poetry, he speaks to the human condition, explores racial issues, and shines a light on social injustices. Ssemmanda presents thought-provoking verse in three sections, the first of which explores and sometimes judges the Mzungu-a term commonly used in East Africa that refers to white people. While encouraging contemplation, Ssemmanda also shares a compilation of wide-ranging poems that not only highlight the differences and commonalities between the Mzungu and Africans, but also examine life in a busy world, the importance of man’s word, and the price for wishing to be like Mandela. Colored Armpits offers a powerful volume of poetry that draws attention to diverse social justice issues and encourages reflection among all who desire change in a complicated world.