Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs

Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs
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Don’t become a fossil! Put away those boring, old textbooks and dig into Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs to begin an exciting excavation into this “dino-mite” world by tapping into the other side of your brain.

Research has shown that there are many different learning styles, and adding a tactile/kinesthetic element helps your brain to retain the information you’ve learned. Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs does just that. Have fun while learning and improve your memory with this revolutionary new series. Author Dominic Couzens has selected 52 popular dinosaurs and has compiled them here, including intriguing speculations about what led to dinosaur extinction, scientific advances in research and exploration throughout history, dinosaur biology and geography, and a geological profile for each dinosaur. Everything you need for a crash course in dinosaur history is right here in one set, ready to open and begin, or to take on the go.


  This incredible set includes 52 plates to color, colored pencils from Faber-Castell, and everything you need to begin your introduction to the Jurassic period.
 Journey back in time and explore the exciting world of dinosaurs, page by page.


Color Yourself Smart: Dinosaurs offers the most holistic and fun way to learn about the largest creatures to ever traverse the land.