Color Yourself Skinny

Color Yourself Skinny
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Brand: DCA, Inc.
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Discover the simplicity of healthy eating in just 7 days! If you’re tired of being hungry and cranky from the traditional “you can’t have this, or that either” type of restricted diet then it’s time you discover and master one simple dietary shift you can make right away. Color Yourself Skinny works is because it teaches you to shift your mentality to focus on only the delicious things you can have. And when you add color to your diet through fresh and whole ingredients, you’ll also get an increase in energy, decrease in weight loss, and an all-over gorgeous “glow.“Take the 7-day Color Yourself Skinny challenge and see how easy healthy living can be! This program includes:42 simple, delicious, and quick to prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, juices and smoothies that use only easy to find ingredients. Weekly tracker to chart your course and measure your success.A little nutrition know-how and get the why behind the power of phytochemicals. Need support when you lunch or dine out? No problem! This system includes strategies and tips to help you dine with success! Information and discount for the full 21-Day Healthy Lifestyle System! Get ready to perk up, slim down and let your inner-self glow!