Color of Grace

Color of Grace
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Bear’s eye never left Margie but she wasn’t going to be so easily swayed. “Bear what purpose do you have in hiding this from me?” She stood her ground. “Margie we always work on the policy of need to know, if you don’t know it you can’t accidently tell anyone and you are under a great deal of strain as it is. It would be an easy mistake and as for what my mother said, she is goading me through you. I haven’t been to Ireland to see her for a very long time so she figured she would make it known. Apparently, she is unaware that we are coming that way in a couple weeks. Need to know is the way we work.” He didn’t bother with the shirt on the bed but walked over to Margie grabbed her hand and told her “You know I have to do my job to save us both don’t you and I told you that. You know I love you Margie and this will happen again and again.” Margie smiled and looked at him with the sweetest expression. “I do know but just like you are keeping me Bear I am keeping you. I told your mother so. I also expressed to her that for your safety she should accept that as God’s word.” Bear looked at her and just smiled. “Do as I say Princess. Learn to trust me and this will all work out. You will have to trust me, allow me to show you. I need you Margie and you need me.” Princess Margareta Angelina Aghustoff needs a hero and Captain Ambrose Bear McAlister wants the job. The adventure takes them through highs and lows you will not want to be left out of. Enjoy….