Color of Forgiveness

Color of Forgiveness
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Myra Sommers is just starting to get her life back on track when everything falls apart. Having had her heart shattered in the past, she hesitates to take a chance on her cranky, handsome contractor but finds herself falling for him nevertheless. Though she knows the rough yet tender man is keeping his painful past hidden from her, she is stunned when the trust she was beginning to put in him is broken. Myra seeks solace in her one and only friend Susie O’Connor, a boisterous, larger-than-life personality who fiercely and crazily supports Myra and wants to strangle Myra’s hot as hell contractor. Dylan Lawson is fighting back from the darkness and barely existing when he meets Myra. He’s surprised to find that the reserved woman - completely innocent of her beauty - has somehow managed to crack through his hard exterior. But his inability to open up to her about his past catches up with him, and suddenly their new, fragile relationship is put to the ultimate test. With an inner battle of loss, grief, and pain, will Dylan find his second chance and forgiveness in Myra or will he forever be trapped in his past?Unusual happenings start going on in the small town and even in Myra’s own home. And soon, a devastating secret is about to be revealed that could either end or strengthen their relationship. Myra could be the key to Dylan’s own healing and forgiveness but can his heart take another chance? With so many obstacles in their way, can they forgive themselves and each other and build a future together? Find out in this final installment of the Color series.