Color Me Black

Color Me Black
Categories: Art Supplies, Color
Brand: AuthorHouse
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This novel is about a young, black woman name Autumn. Autumn has always dreamt to become a movie star in the rolling hills of Hollywood. Autumn is a 6 foot beauty with natural, golden blonde hair and eyes the color of the clear, blue/green ocean. Her skin is the perfect hue of the color of milk. Autumn is in love. Autumn meets and starts dating the Mayor of Dallas who happens to be the first black mayor the city has ever had. Autumn is confused. How can Autumn love the Mayor when Nelly has her heart and refuses to let go. Nelly and Autumn’s chemistry is too hot to handle. Autumn’s love for Nelly hurt so bad she had to let him go. Nelly is a true big baller who just ‘happens’ to be white and married with kids. Nelly asks Autumn, “What do you want me to do, Color Me Black?” In midst of Autumn’s love triangle she gets the break she has been waiting on. Her best friend Bug-a-Loo who is an up and coming rapper gives her the lead role in his new rap video. Autumn’s success skyrockets. Who will pay the price for Autumn’s success? Autumn, The Mayor, Nelly or will it be Bug.