Color Me A Crime

Color Me A Crime
Categories: Art Supplies, Color
Brand: MagiCal Press
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Olivia Davis’ online breakup service,, is thriving! By day she is matching up couples at Color Me Love by their aura colors. With a new relationship, Olivia is trying to keep her identities a secret. One problem. he’s a cop. After all, she did fall in love with his blue aura. When erotic film star and Color Me Love client shows up dead, there is a crime to be solved and Olivia’s fingerprints are all over the evidence. Going undercover is the only way she is going to figure out who is framing her. With the help of some friends, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. go undercover as the newest erotic film actress. Will Olivia figure out who is framing her before the director yell “ACTION”?