Christmas Colors

Christmas Colors
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Brand: iUniverse
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Christmas Colors is a new “A Christmas Carol” for our modern hectic and often worrisome times. (Which seem to be sadly lacking in faith, hope, charity and magic.) It is the story of a family fragmented by distance and issues with their businesses, careers and personal and family relationships past and future. Determined to overcome this very Un-Christmas like spirit, the protagonist and narrator Jenny McKee, gathers her family together at their home in Austin, TX and proceeds to sprinkle a little Christmas cheer on them by motivating them to come together to prevent the loss of their father’s house painting business. In the course of the adventure new bonds are forged and a kind of strange Christmas magic begins to fuse the family back into a single motivated unit bent on overcoming their own fears and apprehensions, and unifying against the economic disaster of the past year. This Christmas miracle story is one of passion, whimsy, self-realization and renewal of faith; in God, belief in one another and even in the real Santa Claus. It is a fun; engaging family read that spreads the spirit of the Christmas colors, magic and cheer to every reader.