Chakras, Colors, and Chants

Chakras, Colors, and Chants
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If you are what you eat, then you are also what you think and feel. If you are feeling bored, crappy, perturbed, anti-social, etc, your facial expression will not hide what you feel inside. You are only fooling yourself. You are not as good an actor as you think. The more that you learn about yourself and your journey to enlightenment, the more you will understand that everything is connected. The outer body and the inner body is connected. Consequently, self-awareness is formed. Learn how to become self-aware by using your inner energy to understand the world around you. Learn how colors and daily affirmations can restore balance to your energy. Balanced energy promotes physical and mental growth eliminating a broken spirit which once harbored physical and mental illnesses. Chakras, Colors, and Chants is a beginner’s guide filled with anecdotes and easy to follow expressions to help you begin your spiritual journey from within.