By Virtues' Design

By Virtues' Design
Categories: Art Supplies, Pencil
Brand: Smashwords Edition
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Is it possible to fall in love with someone from a dream? Maria doesn’t think so, until she meets Jacob Murak, an architect who is as talented with a sword as he is with a pencil. But this match made in heaven suddenly turns to hell as she struggles to reconcile the truth with her nightly visits. Is he real or not? There are signs that he is. Dawn holds the final clue, which offers a bleak reality she is not sure she is ready to face. By Virtues’ Design is the first book in an epic fantasy series called The Judge Chronicles that leads a woman from her home on Earth to a magic world where scientists are wizards, tyrants reign, and monstrous creatures roam the wilds. There, she must employ all of the conventional wisdom and knowledge she’s acquired as a civil engineer to save the man she loves and build a new civilization that will rise from the ashes of defeat and become a shining citadel of freedom. And in so doing, she will save the people from a powerful enemy who becomes as obsessed with her as she is intent to stop him.