Bumpy's World

Bumpy's World
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Bumpy is a curious 5 year old with an amazing imagination. Camela is a sassy ‘Know it All’ neighbor and classmate. In the first story, Camela has her whole class frightened over the ‘Boogie Man’ and Bumpy worried that he didn’t ‘smell special’ enough to avoid a visit from this unknown monster. While in the second story, Bumpy’s pool fun is invaded by Camela. Here she insists on V.I.P. treatment since she is a ‘Guest’ in his home. Bumpy finds himself retreating to his favorite pastime. drawing with his magical glowing pencil. With this pencil and paper, Bumpy puts his imagination to the test and creates entertaining solutions for his dilemmas. With his creativity in full light, he becomes aware that there is always a way to work out anything!