Breathe in Color: Interactive Breathing Techniques

Breathe in Color: Interactive Breathing Techniques
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This Interactive coloring book teaches children of all ages different breathing exercises to calm down and learn how to better handle their emotions. It's more than just a coloring book, but a guide for slowing our children down and making them more mindful of their body, their feelings, emotions, and environment. The book features 17 distinct breathing exercises with a space for creative journaling, personal check-in, self-assessment, and reflection.

Illustrations demonstrate the moves and a cute and friendly sloth named Sage guides the children through a variety of exercises to help them center, reflect, journal, and creatively express their feelings after the breathing exercise. As they color, they are learning lessons on how to center themselves, breathe, and check-in with a self-assessment.

Some of the proven benefits for children learning breathing exercises are:?

  • better sleep
  • better focus
  • better coping skills for their handling their emotions ??

These techniques will help children respond more calmly to stressful events in day to day life, be more mindful of their own responses and feelings, and center themselves in difficult situations.

If you're looking for ways to teach your children to be present and in the moment and learn self-calming techniques, this book is a must-have.

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