Breaking the Chains of Capitalism, An Evolutionary Journey to True Freedom (Color)

Breaking the Chains of Capitalism, An Evolutionary Journey to True Freedom (Color)
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This book offers for consideration an integrated social economic structure and technical solution capable of ending the predatory evolution of our species. This book also explains the primary factor responsible for the most preventable suffering and death throughout the evolutionary development of our species and how to correct this dysfunction at its source. It also describes how our species is undergoing a natural evolutionary transition from creatures still under the control of our predatory instincts into enlightened beings capable of creating technically advanced societies free of social economic competition for survival. This book explains how subjective realities are induced as a powerful form of psychological manipulation and used to control the working class populations for thousands of years. It also describes how the effects of artificial selection have altered the intellectual evolutionary development of our species to make our systematic exploitation under capitalism seem like an acceptable social economic system. The integrated solution in this book describes the creation of an automated community infrastructure capable of supporting a self-replicating technically advanced predator free society. The solution also offers exponential growth of a global network allowing more families to end their predatory competition for survival and start helping others wanting to make the transition.