Atlas Of Structural Geology

Atlas Of Structural Geology
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This second edition ofAtlas of Structural Geologyfeatures a broad and inclusive range of high-quality mesoscale and microscale full-color photographs, descriptions, and captions related to the deformation of rocks and geologic structures.

It is a multicontributed, comprehensive reference that includes submissions from many of the world''s leading structural geologists, making it one of the most thorough and comprehensive references available to the geoscience community. All types of structures are featured, including those related to ductile and brittle shear zones, sigma and delta structures, mineral fish, duplexes and trapezoids, shear-related folds, and flanking structures in the mesoscale and microscale. This second edition features new and expanded coverage, including seismic-image interpretation, landslide deformations, flowing glacial structures, and more than 150 new full-color images to illustrate the geologic features.

A stunning collection of the world''s most beautiful and arresting geologic structures, this book is the ideal resource to illustrate key concepts in geology.

  • Presents more than 400 top-quality, full-color photographs contributed by the world''s most respected structural geologists
  • Features a broad range of morphological variations of geologic structures, making it the most up-to-date and inclusive reference of its kind
  • Aids researchers in developing mathematical and analogue models on the peculiarity and uniqueness of the world''s most iconic structures