Angelic Visions

Angelic Visions
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Brand: North Light Books
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Angels have been many things to many people throughout the centuries & #150emissaries of the divine, harbingers of holy wrath, symbols of enduring beauty and great power. In this book, with Angela Sasser’s graceful artwork guiding the way, you’ll discover how to bring to life your own divine visions. Beginning with the basics and progressing through 20+ step-by-step demonstrations, you’ll learn how to: Combine the ethereal luminosity of watercolor with the subtle textures and striking contrasts of colored pencil and ink. Depict realistic anatomy, including bodies, faces, hands and wings. Suggest character and mood with accessories like clothing, weaponry, halos and tattoos. Create the perfect backdrops, including clouds, flowers, stone and stained glass. Bring it all together in 8 full-length painting demonstrations, from butterfly guardians and romantic muses to demon slayers and the Archangel of Death. Or follow your own inspirations to create angels unbound by convention and reflective of your personal spirit.