And the Shadows Wore Colors

And the Shadows Wore Colors
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And the Shadows Wore Colors: Reflections of a Spiritualist strives to explain the difficulties that the members of the Yorubal/Lucumi community - specifically African Americans - have experienced in incorporating the realm of spirit into its ceremonies and teaditions. Throughout her life, Candita C. Gual has encountered many puzzling and troublesome paths. She has been fortunate to have the guidance of experienced mediums with foundations rooted in truth and logic, assuring safe footing for her as she has traveled the road of the unseen and commandeered rituals and solutions for the problems at hand. Yet she still has questions about what she has learned and what is to come in her continued search for knowledge. And the Shadows Wore Colors provides a record of her experiences and conversations that will reveal some answers for those who have questions. In this volume, she examines the stumbling blocks that hinder the spiritual evolution sought by so many people, to perhaps bring some direction and closure to them. She explains her perspective on some of the many facets of the world of spiritualism, divination, and initiation ceremonies based upon her thirty-four years of experience. And the Shadows Wore Colors is a work in progress that will hopefully open the door to m any discussions and books on this topic.