All the Colors Blue

All the Colors Blue
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All the Colors BlueExotic and exhilarating, erotic and esoteric as well as being very, very explicit. A emotional roller coaster of relationships and obligations, of romance and feelings. Natasha, a 20 year old virgin working in the music industry in London meets Martin Nash, as rich as he is mysterious. She loses her giddy girlishness and her virginity to him. He teaches her about life, love, female ejaculation and creativity. The book opens as Natasha is on her way to the Caribbean to meet Martin. Once there she slowly begins to understand creativity and sexuality and the price you must pay for both, of how they are linked together in the past present and future, a future that will have tragic consequences for them.A remarkable book, with a refreshing explicitness that is not for the easily offended, and one that will remain with you forever once read. Part one of the Natasha trilogy.