All Stock Ain't Longhorn: No-Bull Answers to Investing

All Stock Ain't Longhorn: No-Bull Answers to Investing
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Broken down into short chapters and written in an easy-to-understand style, this financial guide is a compilation of Upton’s favorite columns written over the course of thirty years. You’ll read about free enterprise and capitalism, see how taxes affect different investments, and travel through Europe to compare socialism and capitalism. You’ll even learn simple techniques to make a retirement fund last, often factually and amusingly explained by Upton’s “stubby-pencil” economist, Buster Boom.

Enjoyable, entertaining, and educational.

“As a practitioner and as a widely-read columnist, Upton brings a wealth of personal experience to his task. His knowledge of the financial world and his ability to communicate simply and clearly make this an important book for those who take investing seriously."
-John W. Bachmann, senior partner, Edward Jones

“Bob Upton explains the basics of building wealth. At Louisiana College, he was a favorite with students. He taught time-tested fundamentals. Bob’s insight and experience help investors assume greater responsibility for their financial security.”
-Roger W. Best, Ph.D. professor emeritus, Louisiana College; dean and provost retired, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

“BARRON’S” reviewed his earlier book, “Mutual Fund Magic”: “Upton does an admirable job of explaining investment principles in easy-to-understand language.” (August 13, 1990)