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AN INTRODUCTION TO THE USE OF ALGAE FOR INTELLIGENT SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION OF FUEL, FEED, CHEMICALS AND PHARMACEUTICALS This e-book is intended for scientists, entrepreneurs, students, engineers, algae growers and investors that are interested in the potential algae have for fuel production, as well as, manufacturing of high value chemicals, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Although algae have been thought of as a potential fuel source in the past, it wasn’t until the skyrocketing fossil fuel prices in 2008 that this miniscule source of power was taken seriously. Previously mainly known as “pond scum” and a plague for pool owners and fish farms, algae are now being seen as a promising and emerging investment for future energy sources. In the last two years there have been several announcements of million dollar investments from both private and government sources into the algae for fuel concept. Think for example of the Exxon Mobil announcement of a $600 million investment in algae biofuels, and the recent $45 million DOE funding of the National Alliance for Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts (NAABB) to perform algae-derived fuel research. With all these million dollar investments and with even the world’s largest airplane maker, Boeing, turning its eyes on algae, it is clear that the race to develop the next generation fuel from algae is on. This publication provides the foundation for a strategy development, based on the industry strength and opportunities, while mitigating its risks and managing threats. It provides an in-depth analysis of the current algae industry with advice on how to avoid common pitfalls when growing and harvesting algae yourself. It also highlights the emerging opportunities in this exciting field. Both Drs. Kyndt and D’Silva are renowned scientists and entrepreneurs who have been actively promoting the potential of using algae for intelligent sustainable production of fuel, feed, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in their papers, books