Addition & Subtraction with LEGO and Brainers Grades 2-3A Ages 7-9 Color Edition: Color Edition

Addition & Subtraction with LEGO and Brainers Grades 2-3A Ages 7-9 Color Edition: Color Edition
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Advanced MATH and GEOMETRY workbooks to master problem-solving, critical thinking and creative thinking skills to build STEM Mindset!

Build Math Thinkers for STEM mindset

Spark Students' Engagement with Visual MATH

Make Students Believe Everybody is Gifted and Talented in MATH

MATH is Fun, Mistakes, and Creativity

Create Life-Long Learners

For Teachers, Homeschoolers, and Parents

We recommend using Targeted Supplements if a student does not need a full math curriculum but requires mastering basic skills. Colorfully-illustrated Targeted Supplements cover daily practice; prepare a student for CogAT® test; provide more opportunities to learn math in greater depth with engaging and fun problem-solving and critical thinking tasks to keep students interested in math; can be used to complement any curriculum.

Where to start: 

An advanced or interested in math student may start at Grades 2-3 if they are in 2nd grade. If math is a challenging subject, start at Grades 2-3 if they are in 3rd grade.

Note: If your child or student needs to master only one skill, please, do not purchase our Full Math Curriculum workbooks since they contain similar material.


Each student will develop essential math skills to find their way to success in math, geometry, science, and create a STEM mindset.


The problems evolve and become more challenging through excitement, adventure, math tricks, math games, and Math Olympiad problems; sparking students’ desire to learn through playing with Lego bricks and hands-on activities, explore, and think.


Real-life situations, together with algorithms, diagrams, and tables, help students smoothly and logically work their way to multi-step word problems, fluency and strengthening in mental math and test preparations.


Brainers are used in a comical way to help students work independently, hold their interest, and present step-by-step solutions for any math problem or strategy.


The workbook motivates students to gain confidence in math problem-solving; builds a conceptual deeper understanding of math and geometry concepts, masters creative and critical thinking skills to pursue their career dreams.