Acrylic Color Explorations

Acrylic Color Explorations
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Brand: North Light Books
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Discover your true color voice! Acrylic Color Explorations will have you seeing the world around you in a new way as color theory becomes engaging, easy-to-understand and fun. Not only will you achieve a basic understanding of color and pigments, but author Chris Cozen will also guide you through a personal exploration of color in 30 exercises using acrylic paint. Go beyond the red-yellow-blue understanding of the color wheel by exploring the work of several artists who work with color in unique ways. Determining when to introduce a calming color or when to turn the color volume up is a skill that can be developed through practice and intention, and with Acrylic Color Explorations you will learn how to do both! Learn 33 techniques for incorporating and developing color in your paintings. Explore practical color basics with exercises and color challenges that will help you determine your color “voice.“Discover secrets to mastering any creative color situation with 9 contributing artists! Embrace your true color voice today!