A World Of Colors: Seeing Colors In A New Way

A World Of Colors: Seeing Colors In A New Way
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A World of Colors is an elegant photographic picture book, perfect for young children who are ready to stretch their minds. The book invites kids into a world where the relationships between colors and their objects are not always as expected, where bananas are not always yellow and where blue and blue and blue may be three different colors. What world is this? It’s the real world.

A combination of sumptuous photography and simple, interactive text makes this a perfect lap book to help kids make giant leaps in their observational skills. Readers are asked to find a whole spectrum of colored objects, from the expected—blue sky, green leaves— to the surprising—pink fish, blue feet. Marie Houblon gives preschool readers a grand tour through the colors of their world in lavish spreads that signal the name of the color in large type and show named objects in that color. The following spread challenges the reader to find the same color in photographs from all over the world. Thus, kids are taken on a world tour of orange, for example—observing orange tangerines on an assembly line in Japan, orange eyes in a robot toy in Britain, and orange hair on a little boy in Ireland. When the name for the color and the color itself don’t match, the text is there to ask why we see things in a funny way sometimes—like why we call it red hair. Then, the reader is encouraged to look beyond the book to identify a world of colors in their own surroundings.