A Journal of Personal Exploration, Reflection and Discovery

A Journal of Personal Exploration, Reflection and Discovery
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As high tech as the world of personal communication is, it still relies on the written word to transfer thoughts and ideas. Writing a sentence solidifies a thought as well as records it so to be available for review in the future. Significant Sentences provides exercises facilitating the combination of “your personal spirit,” quiet reflection and your past experiences to come together and produce sentence that is recorded or `saved’. Using paper and pencil, keystroke and screen or even your smart phone, use Significant Sentences as a personal journal or a way to reach out using social media tools like Facebook. “Blog” or “tweet” your moments of discovery. How we write and transmit ideas is vastly changing but it still comes down to words conveying thoughts and emotions. These exercises can serve as a connection between teacher and student, speaker and audience, cyber audience or soul to soul. By sharing stories and ideas about your interpersonal life electronically or on paper, the individual may discover hidden writing talents, a gift for poetry, blogging or tweeting. Your reflections may become a poem, song or school essay. The variety and quantity of questions in each exercise are designed to spur the writer on by providing some starting point and giving some direction. Significant Sentences can be the catalyst for internal retrospection. Writing can reveal the negative as well as the positive. That is the cathartic joy and challenge. Facing those negatives or seeing them more clearly can be exactly what you need to conquer them. Trust yourself that good can be derived from recording your thoughts and reflections, and the connection with the self is the key to personal enlightenment. May you find hidden treasures and truth within?