A Jam of a Different Color

A Jam of a Different Color
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Brand: Greenbrier Fiction
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Flick Adams, Nigel Owen, and the Royal Tunbridge Wells Tea Museum Are Back The Impossible Has Happened! Someone has figured out how to make perfect counterfeits of the Tunbridge Wells Tea Museum’s most valuable silver antiques. Britain’s Serious Organized Crime Agency (the British equivalent of America’s FBI) thinks that it’s an inside job. The Officer in charge of the case has Flick Adams and Nigel Owen-the chief curator and managing director-“in the frame” for the crime. He also has begun to wonder if they could be responsible for the mysterious hit-and-run deaths of the museum’s webmaster and her brother. To make matters much, much worse, Nigel and Flick have just launched a major fundraising drive to repay the humongous debt the museum took on to purchase its collection of antiquities. They know that any bad publicity will scuttle the campaign and turn off the money tap. Flick and Nigel have only one option: find the “mastermind” who’s really responsible for the spate of evildoing. But then, the mastermind sets a lethal booby trap to slow them down. SOCA further complicates their detecting, their money raising, and their evolving personal relationship by arresting both of them. Flick and Nigel have to go for broke to get out of “A Jam of Another Color.