A Is For Animals!: Preschool Coloring Book

A Is For Animals!: Preschool Coloring Book
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Color animals, learn the alphabet

It''s easy to learn letters when each one stands for the name of an adorable animal! This preschool coloring book for kids ages 3 to 5 is packed with charming, age-appropriate alphabet illustrations accompanied by fun animal facts.

Two full pages for each letter give your preschooler time to absorb new knowledge while playing with color, lines, and shapes. The oversized pictures in this preschool coloring book are easy for little fingers to decorate with big, colorful strokes.

A is for Animals! Preschool Coloring Bookincludes:

  • Color the alphabet-Filling in each patterned letter helps reinforce the ABCs in your child''s mind.
  • One letter, one animal-From A to Z, every letter in this preschool coloring book has an illustration of a familiar (or unusual!) creature.
  • Fascinating facts-Did you know every dog''s nose print is unique? Fun facts help the drawings come to life in a kid''s imagination.

Will your child pick one favorite animal from this preschool coloring book-or love them all?