A Horse Of A Different Color

A Horse Of A Different Color
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Brand: AuthorHouse
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Our story begins on a world not so different from our own. There are lakes and streams with the bluest of water that rushes from mountains green with forest. There are meadows and canyons. Many animals live on this world, but none more beautiful then the horse. These are quite extraordinary horses. Their size and color are like horses in our world, but this is where the similarity ends. They are the fastest animal of this world, able to run for miles. They can jump as if taking flight, they can climb all but the steepest of mountains. And for our story, they can talk to each other. This is a story about one special horse. It will take him some time to know, although he is different from other horses, he has a gift. He will find out what he can do with this gift. Indeed, he is a horse of a different color.