A Glimpse into a Vampire Romance Writer's Mind.

A Glimpse into a Vampire Romance Writer's Mind.
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These are a collection of images that have inspired me with my Vampire Romance Writing. They always give me some sort of inspiration each time that I look at each and every one of them.  From the snowy mountain top to the ice cold river. They dimly lit cozy cabin, the stone coldness of the Castles, all of these images evoke a feeling of inspiration. Some of these images remind me of my birth place and some of the images are places from my childhood. Places that most definitely, bring me back in time to when I lived in the Mountains of Eastern Kentucky. I hope that they inspire the Vampire Romance Writer in you.

I hope that they will awaken the Vampire Romance Writer in you. Imagine yourself standing in the places in the pictures. Imaging your own Vampire Soulmate, Imagine your own castle, Imaging your own story. You are free when you use your imagination there is nothing to stop you, so grab a pencil and paper and let’s start writing

Let’s take a Glimpse into my Vampire Romance Writer’s Mind and then go create your own Story. Let your imagination run wild.

                                                                                                                                Connie Ruth Vejar.

                                                                                                                            Vampire Romance Writer.