A Freckled Girl

A Freckled Girl
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Truly a girl with freckles, being of Scottish and Irish descent, Sidney Mack has been writing her thoughts down in pencil for years. She touched, and was touched by, many lives and places as the daughter of a USMC aviator and continued her growth and high exposure while raising two sons, embarking upon motherhood at age nineteen. Amidst roles as a mother and wife, and then as a single mother, Sidney earned Bachelor of Music and Master of Music degrees in North Carolina. Her career of teaching and performing spanned a period of twenty-five years. One major life trauma in 1972 compelled Sidney to record her experience in writing and on tape. More pencil scribbling emerged again in the 1980s until Sidney decided to compile her past and present recorded thoughts into a little book in hopes her reflections might benefit another who battles through this fascinating thing called life. A Freckled Girl is the result. Any reader may choose to freely develop one opinion or another while reading the text and can enjoy brief or not-so-brief writings at any given hour. A reader might just abandon the partially read book for a while until personal experience causes one to be drawn back to a freckled girl’s freckled happenings and a possible significance to one’s lifelong yearnings, hope for peace, moments of enlightenment, and desire for wisdom.