A Fairy, Fairy Colorful World

A Fairy, Fairy Colorful World
Categories: Art Supplies, Color
Brand: Archway Publishing
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Laura believes that fairies are everywhere. She loves land-fairies, moon-fairies, mer-fairies. Plain and simple: there is nothing in the world that Laura wants to be more than a fairy. Every day, Laura practices her flying-up and down and flap, flap, flap-while using her imaginary fairy powers to travel to unusual places and plant colorful flowers along the way. When her fairy-wings become tired, clever Laura always finds a way to return home. But there is only one problem: Laura’s mother does not believe there are fairies everywhere. Laura thinks her mother does not understand her or the important role of fairies in the world. Now only time will tell if they can ever live happily ever after in the same world. In this charming children’s picture book, a little girl’s vivid imagination transports her to places where she uses her fairy powers to add beauty and color and hopes that one day, her exasperated mother will understand her dreams.