A Colourful History Toronto

A Colourful History Toronto
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Journey through Toronto’’s historic sites, museums, and landscapes, bringing the city’’s colourful history to life.

No city’’s history is black and white, right? Within these pages, Daniel Rotsztain’’s ode to Toronto’’s historic sites awaits your dashes of colour and inspiration. Rotsztain, aka the Urban Geographer, renders the historic sites, museums, and landscapes of each historical community - every former village, farm hamlet, and town - that joined together to form today’’s megacity.

Explore the history of Toronto through its heritage architecture - opulent castles and gritty factories, beloved inns and humble cabins, and some unique artifacts (and wallpaper!) - with nothing but your own pencil crayons or markers. A Colourful History Toronto is a whimsical survey of the buildings left behind by the people whose hard work created today’’s modern metropolis, and a celebration of the living community hubs that they’’ve become.