A Coloring Book for Knitters

A Coloring Book for Knitters
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Finally, a coloring book for knitters!

Coloring and knitting are a natural fit. These 30 drawings capture all the gorgeous patterns, textures, and humor of the knitting world. 

Coloring knitting patterns can soothe jangled nerves, and it can also inspire your knitting. You can experiment with color combinations for Fair Isle, stripes or log cabin—without all that pesky swatching. Coloring gives you the freedom to play with all the colors, without worrying if they will go with your wardrobe. 

Juliana Horner brings her background in fashion design and textiles to these intricate drawings, as well as her sense of humor. There is much fun to discover amid all the details.

Knitters are posting their finished drawings on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter with the hashtag #MDKcoloring.