A Caregiver's Divine Choice

A Caregiver's Divine Choice
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This unique book is a biography that began in the pocket of Ruth by taking simple notes with pencil and paper, day or night, for seven years, discovering “100 peculiarities of Alzheimer’s disease.” Unlike other books on this subject, she prepares the caregiver for “What to expect next?” Each peculiarity illustrates the particular stage it occurred, and ways that help both patient and caregiver develop a good bond of friendship. You will learn her method of “Touch and Speak” when your patient is unmanageable to dress. Most of all you will grow in faith with a new inimitable love, which became a growing experience for Ruth and Naomi. She chose the biblical characters of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz for the many ways her book parallels the caring relationship during a crisis that occurs in the book of Ruth. Realizing the depth of depression that can happen, she addresses the Devil’s goal to discourage believers and cause misery and doubt. Scriptures will encourage you while she takes you through many major decisions you may face until your patient’s death. She has great empathy and admiration for caregivers since the majority of them never planned to be one. When your desires are to glorify our heavenly Father and His Son, and you find times when everything seems to go awry, it may be messengers of the Evil One, who do not want you to succeed. Be of good cheer. Jesus will lift your load and stand beside you all the way!