59 Seconds: Change Your Life In Under A Minute

59 Seconds: Change Your Life In Under A Minute
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Professor Richard Wiseman offers many quick and practical ways to improve your life gleaned from today’’s cutting edge-science, and in the process gives a psychologist’’s myth-busting response to the self-help movement.

Whether you’’re looking to be more decisive in your life, to find a new job, or simply to be happier, the chances are that this book has the answers you need. For years, the self-help industry has failed the public, often promoting exercises that destroy motivation, ruin relationships, increase anxiety and reduce creativity. Here, psychologist Richard Wiseman exposes these modern-day mind myths and presents a fresh approach to change that helps people achieve their aims and ambitions in minutes not months. From mood to memory, persuasion to procrastination, resilience to relationships, Wiseman outlines the research supporting this new science of rapid change and describes how these quirky techniques can be incorporated into everyday life.

• Find out why putting a pencil between your teeth instantly makes you feel happier
• Discover why even thinking about going to the gym can help you keep in shape
• Learn how putting just one thing in your wallet will improve the chance of it being returned if lost
• Discover why writing down your goals is more effective than visualizing them
• Find out why retail therapy doesn’’t work to improve mood and what does