50 Fun Things To Do On A Road Trip: Kids Travel Activity Book

50 Fun Things To Do On A Road Trip: Kids Travel Activity Book
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So, you're taking a road trip with your family. There is so much to see and do along the way - but how will you keep the kids busy and entertained in the car?

This kids travel activity book holds 50 carefully crafted children's activities that offer a great alternative (or supplement) to screen time in the car. These activities will engage your child's brain in many different ways - there are creative thinking activities, maths and number activities, word puzzles, creative writing, drawing and logic puzzles. The activities are designed to engage the child with what is around them as well as to fill the time when there is not much to look at out the window.

It is a full-colour, write-in book with over 120 pages of activities and info. All you need is a basic pencil case to make the most of the activities. You can pack the book for a long road trip - or just keep it in the car to use on any car trip.

Activities in the book

Here's just some of the things that your kids will love doing in their road trip activity book:

  • Hunt for rare treasures on a scavenger hunt out of the car window

  • Design a new invention using the parts of a car

  • Draw something five ways, using five different drawing techniques

  • Write a creative short story following imagination prompts

  • Think about answers to questions about themselves and their favourite things

  • Spot things for every colour of the rainbow

  • Practice tongue twisters and test their memory

  • Spot the letters of the alphabet and make words out of car licence plates

  • De-code secret phrases and create their own code cypher

There is also a selection of classic puzzles - mazes, sudoku, crosswords and logic puzzles and more.

The book holds a careful balance of activities to ensure that there is something that will appeal to every child.

Who will like this book?

The activities in the book are designed for kids between 7 and 13 years old - but there are plenty of things in the book that all ages will enjoy.

The book is designed for children to use independently - there are no activities that require other people to play. To get the most of out of the book, it is best suited to kids who can read independently and direct their own activities.

The kids can share their work with you

Many of the activities can form the starting point of conversations and further activities in the car. Once the kids have answered the questions about their favourite fruit or their earliest memory, this can kick off a conversation about everyone's favourite and worst fruits, or other people's recollection of that earliest memory.

When the kids are working to design their own board game, you can chat about the way the game will work or how someone will win the game. Many activities are a foundation for further ideas or have options to extend the activity.

Put away the screens

Don't just sit them in front a screen in the car - mix it up with some hands-on fun with this kids travel activity book.