3D Magic Pad, Light Up Drawing Board - White

3D Magic Pad, Light Up Drawing Board - White
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10-Inch LCD Doodle BoardThis Colorful 10" LCD writing tablet is an inexpensive and fun way to go paperless.It is really suitable for kids, students, engineers, designers, managers and anyone who wants to be more organized, creative and productive. Compact size of 265mm x 170mm x 5mm, you can take the writing pad anywhere you go so your child always has something to do whether practicing the alphabet or drawing pictures. Expand your kids creativity and hone their ability to draw, write words, and communicate through the paperless writing system. This Economical Handwriting message LCD Board is also definitely great for the elderly or people who are unable to speak. This can help them communicate with ease. Now, just invest and find your own fun!No paint, markers to make a mess means you don’t have to clean up after they’re done. The writing pad is a great alternative to a piece of paper and pen or marker as there is no chance of damaging clothes or property because there is no ink! With the press of a button, you’re able to erase everything on the writing pad and start over!

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