30-Minute Mandalas Coloring Book (E-book)

30-Minute Mandalas Coloring Book (E-book)
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Now you can enjoy coloring your 30-Minute Mandalas even more with this convenient E-book version. Print out pages as you need them so you can color your favorite designs over and over again! Short on time but long on stress? With millions of Americans living with Anxiety and/or Panic Disorders you are not alone. Using a combination of active meditation and color therapy, this innovative coloring book provides a simple and enjoyable way to de-stress in a matter of minutes. Inside this book you will find 30 original mandala designs created by the author/illustrator, Michelle Normand. Having developed these designs to battle her own anxiety issues, Normand welcomes the opportunity to share this healing technique with others. “Mandalas have been used for centuries by many religions and civilizations, and were eventually introduced to the field of psychology by Dr. Carl Jung in the 1950’s. I wanted to bring this ancient tradition further into the modern age by developing designs that would appeal to our fast-paced society.” While mandalas and coloring therapy have been utilized by psychologists for decades, these ‘sacred circles’ are also finding there way into other professions. Mandala creation and coloring can be found in hospitals, cancer facilities, nursing homes, as well as being used with early stage alzheimer’s patients and children suffering from various levels of ADD/ADHD. So, do something for yourself or a loved one; color a beautiful mandala and bring peace and harmony back into focus.