1000 Ideas For Color Schemes: The Ultimate Guide To Making Colors Work

1000 Ideas For Color Schemes: The Ultimate Guide To Making Colors Work
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This handsome book is about choosing color combinations not necessarily for a specific use. Each spread contains about seven photographs and a color palette, like paint chips. The color palettes provide inspiration and reliable combinations for use in any number of projects: home décor, fashion; wedding celebrations, table settings, cake decorating, garden design -- imagination and circumstance are the only limit. It almost makes the difficult decision for you before you spend money. No more returned clothing, unused paint, or discarded drapery!

The book''s features include:

  • Divided into major color groups, each section explores a range of hues, from primary brights to subtle pastels
  • Beautifully illustrated and easy to navigate
  • Selected color choices are composed by experts for success every time
  • Includes examples from fashion, décor (living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, exteriors), garden (especially flowers), nature (including animals), cosmetics, food (including wedding cakes), fabrics (often luxurious), jewelry, and much more.

1000 Ideas for Color Schemes presents surprising and inspiring color combinations for any use. For home decorators, designers, sewers, painters and anyone using color, it is a keeper for the coffee table and the bookshelf.