100 Things To Draw With A Triangle: Start With A Shape; Doodle What You See.

100 Things To Draw With A Triangle: Start With A Shape; Doodle What You See.
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"For Coloring Book Graduates!"

What comes to mind when you think of a triangle? Depending on its size, it could be a pyramid, a clown''s hat, a slice of pie, a bird''s beak. What if there are lots of triangles on a page? Depending on how they''re placed, they might suggest a mountain range or a tent encampment, a pine tree farm, or a schooner''s sails. It all depends on who is doing the looking.

100 Things to Draw With a Triangleis a doodling book that loosens the imagination, and inspires creative thought. Triangles and other basic geometric shapes are at the core of art, they''re the structures where form and drawing begin.

In this book, illustrator Sarah Walsh provides you with triangles that appear as prompts on every page: one or many, large and small, colorful or not, sprouting from the bottom or tumbling from the top -- you fill in the rest. If one triangle suggests the roof of a house, you might add just the doors and windows, or draw the entire town. If a row of triangles looks like waves, you might draw a fantasy seascape or simply add a lonely seagull or a swimmer in mid-crawl. Abstract or realistic, minimal or over-the-top, there are no wrong choices in this book -- and you don''t have to be a master at drawing. Pick up your pencil, see what the shapes suggest and where your imagination leads you.