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Engineering Consultants

Engineering Architect

The Enhanced Building Design Solutions created by our skilled and qualified architect engineers offer services that apply science and technology to real-world situations, resulting in buildings that contribute to improving our standard of living and quality of life.

Our engineering architect does this by integrating structural, electrical, mechanical, lighting, acoustics, and fire protection systems into a whole. Our innovative, challenge-solving engineering architects are constantly dealing with future challenges such as building sustainable materials and tackling the challenging green energy issues.

Here at Forward Thinking Architecture, we aim to deliver our building plans as timely as possible. We work hard and efficiently to ensure all our clients are more than happy with the service they receive.

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Contact us today for your free quote!

Our engineering consultants are always happy to help!

Contact one of our engineering consultants that can assist you with your free quote and start with your building plans online. All you need to do is complete the form below with all the necessary information and you will receive a response within 24 hours of submitting it. We look forward to hearing from you and possibly working together with you in the future.



Finding a reliable firm can be quite difficult, but the hunt is over. We at Forward Thinking Architecture reach our deadlines which helps you as the client save money because we all know time is money, and a delay in your project will certainly cost you money.

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Business Management

Quality control and quality assurance techniques are in place within our organization. This is why we receive very few comments from agencies about the engineering plans when reviewing them.

We have exceptional relationship management skills when it comes to our clients and we treat everyone equally and fairly.

You as the client should never have to pay for training inexperienced personnel, it is for this reason alone why you should choose us. Everyone in our team is equipped with the necessary qualifications and have undergone training in the expertise field.

Our engineering architect tries to make an impact on each clients’ life by designing the structures that suit each client.

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Our Customers' Testimonials

Reviews on our schematic design

I was blown away once I saw the designs of the plans for my house, which is in the process of being remodelled. It looks better than I could have ever imagined.
Justin Walker
I used to have a small, cramped and outdated bathroom. After the remodelling, my bathroom looks better than ever. It feels so much bigger inside now and is honestly my new favourite room in the house!
Gloria Hernandez
Bathroom remodel
We broke down a wall between two of my bedrooms and created the master bedroom of my dreams along with the most beautiful walk-in closet! I have never been happier.
Cynthia Baker
Bedroom remodel

Engineering Architect Credentials

Educated Know-How

The team within our architecture firm all have their necessary certification to ensure they can complete your project to the best of their abilities.

Keeping all their qualifications in mind, they are also equipped with the essential experience needed to execute your project without any issues.

Our engineering consultants are readily waiting to get in touch with you so that the planning and design stages of your architectural needs may begin. No job is too big or too small for them to conquer. You won’t find a friendlier or more helpful team to work with.

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